The ACE Float Drum offers durable flotation that can easily be applied to any new or existing dock system. It basically consists of a plastic Exterior shell and a foam Interior filling. Together, they combine to make a tough and long lasting float drum. There is a Size available for any situation. The Exterior shell is rotationally molded which means it is constructed in one piece. There are no seams that could result in leakage or separation. The .15 min. wall is made of tough virgin polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors which is environmentally safe. This type of shell prevents damage from the sun, debris, oil, gas, marine organisms, salt and fresh water. The top of the shell is flat with molded-in mounting slots for easy attachment to any dock frame; whether it be wood, steel, or aluminum. The Interior filling provides stiffness to the float drum and insures buoyancy in case the shell ever gets punctured. The filling consists of expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is steam pressured into the shell for a tight and solid fit. This procedure is done in such a way that provides the highest buoyancy possible. The Sizes available range from one foot to four feet wide, three feet to eight feet long, and eight inches to thirty-two inches high. Presently there are over thirty different sizes to choose from; seven of which are UPSable. The ACE Float Drum will provide economical, care-free, and long-lasting flotation to any size dock; whether it is a simple private dock or a large marina complex.

Rotationally Molded Shell
Virgin Polyethylene Shell

.15 Shell Thickness
Expanded Polystyrene Filling (EPS)
Molded in Mounting Slots
Over Thirty Different Sizes
Economically Priced
Eight Year Warranty

No Seams To Leak Or Spill
Recyclable & Envoronmentally Safe, Resist Salt Water, Gas, Oil and Marine organisims
Durability, Long Lasting
Meets Corps of Engineers Standards & "Hunt" Test
Easy to Attach to any Dock Frame
A Float Drum For Any Size Job
Short & Long Term Savings
Non-Prorated, Peace of Mind

Denhartog Industries (Flotation Information)