Meet the D&B Docks Team

Our Founders - Bud & Doris Leas

Bud and Doris Leas moved from Kansas City, Mo to Sunrise Beach, Mo in 1970. Bud built his first dock at the 11 mm where 11 West Condo's are located today. Bud partnered up with Art Hanks a few years later and started Han-A-Lea Inc. and made the move to lake road 7-9 in Roach, Mo. Han-A-Lea manufactured Boat Docks and Boat Lifts on Lake of the Ozarks. Bud then went to work for Mo-Zark Docks as a salesman for a short time. After Mo-Zark Docks, Bud and Doris moved to the Coffman Bend area (Climax Springs) where they started D&B Enterprises. In 1981 they bought 5 acres in Climax Springs where D&B is currently located. Bud retired in the winter of 1987 and turned the business over to his 2 youngest son's Robert & Roger. In 1988 Robert and Roger changed the name to D&B Docks Inc.
Roger Leas
Robert Leas
Roger graduated Climax Springs High School in 1981 and went right to work for his parents Bud and Doris. He has been President of D&B Docks Inc. since 1988. Roger does Dock estimate/calls, advertising, orders all our Dock roofing, and is on about 85% of all docks D&B Docks Inc. builds
Robert graduated Climax Spring High School in 1979 and moved to Kansas City, Mo where he worked for L&M Ornamental Iron until his moved back to Climax Springs in 1988. Robert is the Vice President of D&B Docks Inc., he does all the maintance on our equipment, Dock estimates & calls, Robert is on every dock that D&B Docks Inc. builds, orders hardware, flotations, and much more.
Donna Leas
Debbie Leas
Donna is Roger's wife and they have been married since 2004. Donna fills in for Debbie when she needs a personal day. Donna also owns a small business that has been in her family since 1985 selling and maintaining Water Distillers (
Debbie has been our secretary since 1993. Debbie and Robert have been married since 1988. I can not even begin to list Debbie's job duties at D&B Docks Inc.
John Long
David Patton
John has been with D& B Docks Inc. since 1994 and has been shop foreman since 2001. John plays a big part in the construction of your dock.
David has been with D&B Docks Inc. since 2004. David's jobs are cutting steel, minor welding in shop, painting, laying out all bolts, and much more.
Jack Bellamy
Jack has been with D&B Docks Inc. since 1998. Jack's jobs include a little bit of everything from welding in the shop to installing roofs on our docks. Jack can climb anything and has earned the nickname "Monkey boy"!